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Who is the site designer?

A web designer is an IT specialist who is responsible for designing the layout, usability and visual appearance of a website.

A good web designer must have both creative and technical graphic skills. They should be able to visualize how the site is designed (graphic design of the site) and how it works (convert the design into an active website).

In discussions Web designthe term Web Designer is often mistaken for the term Web Developer and vice versa. A web developer is most likely a software developer who works with programming languages to enable website interactions such as system usage. پایگاه داده ایجاد کند.

What skills and knowledge are employers looking for?

You do not need any formal qualifications to be hired as a web designer. However, many web designers have experience in other fields of design or have been formally trained through the university or in web design tutorials.

Some of the skills associated with web designers are:

  • Sufficient knowledge of one or more of these skills: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash
  • Ability to create XHTML and CSS compliant, always using one of the skills mentioned above
  • Understanding scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP and .NET is often desirable
  • Ability to work for a limited time
  • Strong creativity skills
  • Up-to-date skills tailored to technological and software advances

The basis of a web designer is XHTML and CSS. The two combine to form the web as we know it today. A good understanding of these two skills is essential to success in this field.

What can I get as a web designer?

Salaries for web design jobs may vary depending on a person's experience and set of specialized skills. Depending on the experience and expertise of the individual, and even the size of the project can have different amounts.

What are career advancement opportunities?

Many large private and public sector companies have interior design departments. If you work in such an organization, one can become a specialist in both the design and development of the website by entering the management team of the design or development of his current skills and becoming a web developer, and progress in his profession.

There are many jobs for web designers in digital, advertising and creative agencies. You can work on different projects in an agency that gives you a good experience.

Eventually a person can become a freelance designer. Although there is a lot of competition for space, the perspective of a skilled web designer is good and appropriate.

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